🥐 What is La Fête du Croissant?

La Fête du Croissant is a convivial and gourmet celebration.

This day honors the craftsmanship of artisan bakers and the beloved croissant. Each spring, over 100 pastry shops and bakeries across Quebec come together to offer their handmade, fresh-from-the-oven croissants to their customers at a special price of $1.50 (4 croissants maximum per person for $6).

La Fête du Croissant is an opportunity to indulge, savor, share, discover talented local artisans, and appreciate their skills. It is a community event that takes place in dozens of neighborhoods throughout the province, whether large or small, urban or remote.

It is a way to reconnect with what we eat and recognize the richness and diversity our artisans offer.

🗓️ Important Dates and Promotional Materials

La Fête du Croissant will be held on June 15, 2024.

The registration deadline to receive promotional materials by mail is June 1. You can still register after this date, but we cannot guarantee you will receive the promotional materials in advance.

The promotional kit includes:

  • Two promotional posters
  • A box of 1000 custom croissant bags featuring the event and our partners
  • The "Proud Artisan of La Fête du Croissant" sticker for this year, certifying your participation

🌎 Where Does La Fête du Croissant Take Place?

La Fête du Croissant takes place across Quebec in participating establishments.

The event unfolds in over 100 artisanal bakeries and patisseries in various neighborhoods, whether large or small, urban or remote, fostering a close connection with what we eat.


📜 How Did La Fête du Croissant Begin?

It all started with a contest in 2011.

The newspaper La Presse asked its readers to vote for the best croissant in the metropolis. With over 1,600 votes, the croissant from Fous Desserts took the top spot.

This contest revealed the public's enthusiasm for croissants. Franck Dury-Pavet, owner of Fous Desserts, dreamed of an event that would celebrate the craftsmanship of artisanal bakers and thank the customers.

The following year, Franck organized a croissant festival at his bakery. The event was a resounding success. La Fête du Croissant was born.

☑️ What are the criteria for participating?

To participate, your croissants must meet the following criteria at all times, not just on the day of La Fête du Croissant:

  • Produced by an artisan
  • Hand-rolled
  • Made from laminated and leavened dough
  • Proofed, baked, and sold on-site
  • Made with pure butter only

On the day of La Fête du Croissant, croissants must be sold at $1.50 each (4 croissants for $6) in each participating shop. You may limit the number of croissants per customer, but you cannot sell croissants for more than $1.50 each on that day.

Artisans who own a shop meeting these criteria, as well as multiple outlets under the same name where the croissants are made, may participate with each of their shops and outlets.


💸 Why Register and What is the Participation Fee?

Why Register?

By registering, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Receipt of promotional materials
  • Your shop listed on the event's website
  • Participation in a press relations campaign
  • Advertising on social media
  • The right to use the Fête du Croissant logo and branding in your communications

What is the Participation Fee?

The participation fee is $250 for the first shop and $200 for additional shops.