From January 6th to 12th, 2020

The Galette des Rois is in the spotlight

Buy a cake from a participating craftsman and get a chance to win a prize

The winner will be announced on January 14, 2020.


Galette des Rois

The galette des rois is originally a pancake made from puff pastry, simply browned in the oven; traditionally, it is stuffed with frangipane, but can also be made with various preparations: fruit jam, creams, chocolate, frangipane mixed with applesauce, for example. The tradition of “drawing kings” at the Epiphany involves the concealment of a bean in the cake; the person who obtains this bean becomes the king (or queen) of the day. The person who discovers the bean has the right to wear a fancy crown and then chooses his queen or king. The artisans provide with the cake a crown in gold or silver paper. More traditionally, each family makes and keeps one or more crowns.  

How to taste the galette des rois?

There are several traditions of the ritual around the tasting of the galette des rois.

The most popular is quite funny. The youngest guest sits under the table while the oldest serves the slices. The cake, cut into as many parts as there is a guest, is covered with a dish towel, in order to hide any possible appearance of the bean in the cut ends. He decides who will receive each tip, by naming the name of the guest. Whoever finds the bean in his tip is crowned king!


A quality handcrafted product

For artisans, the reason for this celebration is more than commercial, and it also serves to promote the know-how of their trade and the artisanal nature of the product.

Thus, to participate, artisans must respect the same conditions as those of the Crescent Festival. The galette des rois must be:

  • Produced by an artisan
  • Designed from a puff pastry (tourée);
  • Made with pure butter only.
  • Pushed, cooked and sold on site.